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10 Secret Betting Tips for Successful Sports Betting

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By By Stephane Muller for 10 Betting Tips

Sports betting is one of the fastest growing and most exciting ways to make money online. Everyday, hundreds of millions of dollars exchange hands based on the outcomes of sporting events. There’s no better time to get in on the action than right now! Here are 10 tips to maximize your chances of success.

#1 Join the Best Betting Sites

By placing sports bets with well-trusted and maintained betting websites, you are doing a couple of things.

First, you are eliminating counterparty risk for your bets. This means that when you bet on a sports game, someone (in theory) has to be on the opposite side of you bet. Because of this, there is an inherent risk that the counterparty will default and fail to deliver payment in the event that you win.

High quality sports betting sites not only eliminate counterparty risk for their users because they have a reputation to protect and regulations to uphold, but they also facilitate large bet sizes.

It’s quite frustrating to have a set limit on the amount of money you can wager on 50/50 sports bets. Generally, the better betting sites will have higher limits and be quite accommodating to loyal betters.

These are some of the best and most trusted betting sites for 2017:

#2 Keep it Simple With Spread Bets

Many new sports betters are tempted to try complex spread betting that necessitates one team beating another team by a specific point amount in a specific time limit in order to make money!

Of course, the payout is higher for bets that have low probabilities of winning, such as a professional basketball game with a 60 point spread, hence the allure towards complicated spread bets.

The most successful sports betters keep their bets relatively simple and deliberately stay away from overly complex spread bets.

It’s really hard to correctly predict both the points and the time for a wining team! This is why a lot of sports betters lose.

Keep it simple and try EV bets where outcomes are either win or lose – 50/50.

#3 Try a Mathematical Approach

Although it may come as a surprise, there are full-time professional sports betters who use complex mathematical algorithms to attempt to predict the outcomes of sporting events.

The most useful tool a sports better might have is looking at historical performance. Past performance of sports teams is certainly not a guarantee of what future performance will be, but it is a pretty good starting point.

Try creating a spreadsheet with the total wins and losses of two sports teams and think about wagering on the one that has a higher percentage of wins.

#4 Stay Focused and Disciplined

If there’s one thing you definitely need to maintain throughout the sports betting process, it’s discipline.

If you have a set loss limit for your bankroll, don’t go past it. If you have a mathematical approach to placing your bets, stick with it and maintain consistency.

Discipline yourself and stay focused, because ultimately sports betting is about winning, and you need to think clearly and logically if you want to succeed.

#5 Spend Time Researching and Experimenting

If you truly want to be successful at sports betting, you need to research different methods and find out what works for you. Some betters prefer spreads, and some prefer binary outcomes.

Ultimately, you will develop your individual betting style and figure out what works, and what doesn’t, from lots of time spent researching and experimenting.

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#6 Control Your Bankroll

Sports betting is very similar to betting in the casino.

As a general rule, you should never risk more than 5% of your overall bankroll (the money you are willing to bet with) on any single bet.

If you bet 100% of the money that you have, a.k.a. going “all in,” you could easily double your money, but you could just as easily lose everything.

Control the size of your bets. You will win more in the long-run.

#7 Take a Pause When You Win

Similar to tip #6, when you win, it’s always sage gambling advice to take a break.

Most betters only stop betting when they lose…because they have no money left to bet! However, nobody seems to stop betting while they are ahead.

If you stop betting after you win, you can’t lose! Give it a try!

#8 Don’t Give Up

Don’t immediately quit sports betting if you have a few losses or a discouraging initial lack of success.

Successful sports betters know that if they don’t play, they won’t win. Sports betting is a long-haul and not a get-rich-quick scheme.

If you stick with it, you’re bound to have some degree of success. Like Billy Walters, for example, who went from a used-car salesman to a multi-millionaire sports better. It can and does happen, but not for those who quit.

#9 Try Betting The Game Total

Aside from betting on the spread of a sports game, i.e. the difference in points between the two teams, another common approach is betting on something known as the “game total.”

Essentially, the game total is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the total expected points that either team will score in the game. This level is predetermined, usually by the sports betting site, and the player can then decide to bet “over” or “under the game total.

It’s one of the most common ways to bet in sports because it doesn’t require the better to speculate on which team will win.

#10 Take Advantage of Coupons and Signup Bonuses

Without a doubt, the best thing new sports betters can do to increase their chances of success is to take full advantage of all signup bonuses available to them.

If create an account with any of these sports betting sites below, you will get free betting money! There is nothing to lose! The downside is limited and the upside is unlimited! Give it a shot!

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  • Robert Z.
    I totally agree with this. You have to use only the best betting sites. A lot of the sites out there aren’t trustworthy. My favorite betting site is (insert affiliate betting site link here).
  • Zhang W.
    Very insightful tips. I’m going to start keeping a very detailed record of every bet I place and what happens to it. I am looking forward to betting more!
  • John F.
    Sports betting is so awesome! I never have to leave my computer and I can make money and have fun 24/7. There is always a game being played somewhere and on (insert affiliate betting site link here) I can bet anytime of the day. Love it!

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